Quality and Environmental Policy

Aims to provide products and services that satisfy its customers and relevant interested parties, within a framework of environmental protection, Econor management establishes an integrated Quality and Environmental Management policy whose pillars are:

• Customer Satisfaction, understanding their current and future needs, satisfying their requirements, legal requirements, and striving to following the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

• Preserve the environment, taking care that production processes and their products do not pollute, following environmental legislation and regulations and the ISO 14001:2015 standard, minimizing waste generation, using resources efficiently to prevent pollution, with its own operational control and those of its suppliers.

• Process-based management, increasing the organization's overall performance and effectiveness through this new approach, allowing it to manage its own activities and resources while controlling risks and incidents that may occur in each of its processes.

Under these principles, Econor management undertakes to:

• Carry out process-based management, always seeking continuous improvement.

• Prevent contamination by complying with Integrated Management System requirements.

• Develop objectives aimed at achieving three principles defined in this quality and environmental policy.

• Ensure legislation applicable to the company's activities compliance and commitment to environmental care.

• Train your staff so they can have the necessary skills to achieve the objectives.

• Review objectives by using management indicators.

• Implement the necessary improvements that arise from the system review.

The Company is responsible for providing the adequate means and resources so that all activities are carried out in appropriate conditions to care for the environment and guarantee that a quality service is provided.

Management of Econor S.A.
February 2023