Econor S.A.’s Directors, with the aim of supplying products and services to satisfy the customer within a framework of protection of the environment, has established an integrated Quality Management and Environment policy whose main pillars are the following:

Customer Satisfaction, understanding their present and future needs and satisfying their requirements and legal requisites and striving to exceed their expectations following the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008.

To preserve the environment ensuring that the productive processes and the products do not contaminate and comply with the environmental legislation and rulings as well as the standard ISO 14001:2004, minimizing the generation of waste and using the resources in an efficient way to prevent contamination, with our own and our suppliers’ operational control.

Taking into account those principles, ECONOR S.A.’s directors commit themselves to:

- Perform the management activities aimed at the continuous improvement, preventing contamination, and meeting the requirements for those purposes.

- Plan objectives aimed at achieving the three principles defined in this quality policy.

- Ensure compliance with the legislation currently in force that is applicable to the company and aimed at the preservation of the environment.

- Train the staff to acquire the skills needed to achieve the objectives.

- Check, on a regular basis, compliance with these objectives with the use of indicators.

- Implement the improvements required after the revisions are performed.

The Company is responsible for supplying the resources required for performing the activities in an appropriate way so as to preserve the environment and guarantee a quality service.

Eng. Gustavo A. Servidio