Our company, ECONOR S.A., started business at the beginning of the 90s as a manufacturer of Industrial Chemical Cleaning Products; its founder is a young Chemical Engineer who got his degree at the National Technological University and contributed his knowledge, experience and expertise in the sector combined with new ideas and developments.

From the beginning, ECONOR S.A. has been recognized as an innovating company specialized in all types of products and industries that is always planning and developing ecologic and safe alternatives to replace the conventional products for others that are biodegradable and manufactured with natural extracts.

Our staff of professionals is fully engaged to the study and development of new formulations so as to offer our customers first quality products and to be always in the vanguard of industrial and professional cleaning products.

In accordance with our principle: “the permanent search for excellence in all our processes” (that has been adopted by our founder as from the beginning of our company), we have implemented a Traceability System that allows us guaranteeing the quality of same. In addition, we obtained the Certifications ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. All our products have been approved by SENASA, ANMAT, INAL and INTI.

Thanks to the above and to the restless work of all the members of our company, we have grown and positioned in the market. This was also reinforced as the different sectors became aware and implemented environmental policies.

The quality of our products has allowed us to expand the borders and sell them in neighboring countries such as Chile, Uruguay and Brazil and in the European Union, especially Spain. For this purpose, we have obtained the relevant MERCOSUR and European certifications.

ECONOR S.A. sells products through four lines of businesses:

- Heavy Industry
- Food industry
- Institutional
- Water treatment

Through the years, we have created a reliable company engaged in the constant development of quality products and in the satisfaction of our products.

Eng. Gustavo A. Servidio